"This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer" and other UI mistakes

Aaargh! I’m over-analyzing things but the devil is always in the details. A blast from the past, when proper web standards weren’t around and Netscape Navigator was still a thing. Fast forward into 2016, contemporary browsers do support major web standards in an acceptable form. Remnants of this web browser company-wise dick fighting are extinct, some are still around though:

Image of "this site is best viewed by IE"

On to some analysis. Using the WaybackMachine service specifically for the URL in question, we get the following:

“Saved 19 times between February 22, 2008 and May 15, 2016.”

Checking the captures, previous version of the website can be seen at 1st of April in 2013. Next capture happens on 28th of June 2015 and after that it remains the same, which means that between 2013-2015 someone thought it was still a good idea to keep the browser warning. Currently the footer shows a normal copyright symbol accompanied with “2014”.

To add to this, the “Sign out” is not rendered because the server returns a logged in user. It’s hardcoded text and the link points to login.live.com, which redirects you to account.microsoft.com.

When it comes to links, the title links to the partner portal (no interaction on mouse-over) and the Microsoft brand image isn’t linked to anything. The linked arrow sticks next to the text, to compliment the bad design. Factually, Internet Explorer is discontinued and replaced by Edge, we are in 2016 and this webpage practically renders the same in all the modern browsers.

Neglect truly influences the user experience and it’s definitely a no-no when it comes to UX design. Update promptly. One can also be creative when it comes to designing warning / error messages, like 404 pages.

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