Terminus (short story)

How did I get here? The doors of the space shuttle were closing. Children were staying close to their parents and couples were kissing each other in tears. All of a sudden, memories started flooding my prefrontal cortex, filling the void questions of who, where and when.

I was one of the last remaining humans, traveling on board one of the escape shuttles, evacuating earth. The year was centuries from ~now, and I was a tall, middle-aged man.

The universe was about to be destroyed by a force unknown to me, but mentioned in stories whispered by people in the shuttle. A woman approached me and asked if my wish was to die while being awake, offering me the option of drug-induced sleep. Fear kicked in, when the motionless space shuttle started making loud mechanical noises. I ran towards a large window nearby and saw earth getting smaller and smaller, as we were flying away.

The middle-aged man’s identity, now completely transcended and applied to me, finally kicked in. I was feeling his desperation, his hopelessness and his tears. Embracing the end, I sat by the window and stared at the stars. I can’t remember which came first, the violent vibrations and the bright light, or the intense screams coming from the people behind me. As I looked back, the space shuttle and everyone else was annihilated.

And I breathed for the last time, as I was about to become one with nothing, as words were about to lose their meaning.

The moment passed and I was no more.

––– That was actually a lucid dream I “had” 3 years ago. Most of my dreams are lucid, but that felt…foreign.

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