Using Node.js to parse and serve multiple web comics in one page

UPDATE JULY 2018: This is embarrasing, completely outdated and an overkill

I’m a lazy (aka automation-loving) bastard. Why browse multiple web comics instead of just having all the latest strips served in one uncluttered page on a local server.

Loading comics from multiple sources

Project is hosted in Github

Needless to say that this should remain within personal use and not under an Internet-facing deployment, as it would violate creators’ rights. Parsing is highly dependent on the respective web comic’s webpage structure, so nothing bulletproof there. Much space for refactoring as well, but hey, if it works…

Also, kudos to Randall Munroe for his amazing books “xkcd vol 0” and “what if”. Some of the best reads I had for a while. Glad to have them in my collection and I highly recommend them for everyone.

xkcd books

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