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  • How to build your own web comic back-end (and how I started one)

    I’ve been planning on doing a web comic for a couple of years now, keeping notes and ideas for strips and mentally designing the web app. I started by doing research and trying to find out-of-the-box solutions in order to save time, only to realize that WordPress + plugins seemed to be the only feasible solution (and maybe that I was using the wrong search keywords).

    But since a CMS to handle simple tasks is as inefficient as using a katana to kill ants, I decided to go with Node.js.

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  • Using Node.js to parse and serve multiple web comics in one page

    I’m a lazy (aka automation-loving) bastard. Why browse multiple web comics instead of just having all the latest strips served in one uncluttered page. And why not experiment with Node.js instead of Python / Scrapy. Grabs coffee.

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  • Black Mirror's San Junipero: Heaven is a place on earth

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched Black Mirror’s San Junipero (alright, 5). From the compelling way language and wealthy visual cues are used to describe the concepts of space and time within episode’s context, to an amazing Mackenzie Davis and the philosophical / existential approach, San Junipero is a brilliant work of art.

    All songs in San Junipero are tightly connected to the script, but “Heaven is a place on earth” by Belinda Carlisle really stands out for practically narrating the whole story.

    Charlie Brooker, writer of San Junipero and creator of the Black Mirror anthology, created a Spotify playlist with all featured songs plus the ones that didn’t make it. Link.

    Interestingly enough, the song begins and ends with the chorus and has a BAABAFBFB structure where B is chorus, A is verse and F is pre-chorus. Chorus describes the environment and their reality while pre-chorus describes Yorkie and Kelly’s feelings towards each other and their reality.

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  • "This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer" and other UI mistakes

    Aaargh! I’m over-analyzing things but the devil is always in the details. A blast from the past, when proper web standards weren’t around and Netscape Navigator was still a thing. Fast forward into 2016, contemporary browsers do support major web standards in an acceptable form. Remnants of this web browser company-wise dick fighting are extinct, some are still around though:

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  • Terminus (short story)

    How did I get here? The doors of the space shuttle were closing. Children were staying close to their parents and couples were kissing each other in tears. All of a sudden, memories started flooding my prefrontal cortex, filling the void questions of who, where and when.

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